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What is a hunting dog?

What do you think of when you think of a hunting/sporting dog? Some folks think of "Irish Setter" or "English Springer Spaniel", or many of the other well known sporting breeds. There are a lot of breeds of dogs than can be trained to hunt, and for many types of hunting. Some folks just take the dogs along as a companion, others train their dogs to flush game, retrieve birds, etc. 

It has been a challenge for me to decide which breeds should be allowed on AmericanGunDogs.com, because depending on what you want to do, you could take a Shih Tzu along hunting.  My personal hunting dog, "Noodles", is a Jack Russell/Beagle mix. She doesn't point, but she likes to chase rabbits and squirrels and she is a lot of fun take out in the field.  She is smart and easy to train. But she is certainly not a registered high pedigree show dog.  For this reason, we are going to open AmericanGunDogs.com up to the regular sporting breeds, plus a few mixes that contain sporting bloodlines.

In conclusion, I don't think hunting dogs are only certain defined pure breeds, but rather any dog that can track game, flush birds, and provide companionship while in the field.

In the event you think a certain breed should be included or excluded, shoot me an email at matt@americangunsdogs.com. I would be glad to consider your suggestions. I also have to add a disclaimer, I am not a gun dog expert. However, I enjoy dogs and hunting, and want to learn more about them and share my hobby with this website.  Feel free to contact me with any thoughts or suggestions.



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