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Can't pickup your puppy? Or it is 2,000 miles from your house? There are shipping options available. The good news is that most of the hunting/sporting breeds can easily be shipped. Some breeds, such as Pugs or English Bulldogs, can not be shipped as easily because of their respitatory system. Hunting dogs are bred to run, smell, and for high action, so as a result have excellent noses, throats and lungs.

If your puppy is shipping out of PA, we recommend giving Syndey Ropp a call at 717-466-7264. He will pickup the pup at the breeder (in most parts of south east and central PA) and deliver it to the airport, for $350. All you need to do is tell him which airport you want to pickup your pup at, and he will send it there. (the $350 also includes the airline ticket and a travel crate which you get to keep)

If your puppy is not located in PA, or you prefer working out the shipping yourself, you can always ask the breeder if they ship.  Puppy airline tickets can be purchased at very good prices from RunwayPets.com.  (however someone will need to take the puppy to the airport)

Puppies that are being transported need to have a USDA Health Certificate. Any vet can issue one of these, but make sure the breeder knows they need one to fly the pup.


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