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Limo Launch

Our camauflage limo has driven tens of thousands of miles over the roads of North America. It has started having some series issues, so we decided it is time to retire it. On July 4th, 2019, our Limo will be launched off a cliff at the Glacier View Car Launch! More videos at Matt Snader's YouTube Channel:

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Did you see our "Limo" drive past?

Let us know you seen it! If you send us a picture you took of it, that's worth bonus points. We will post them on our blog, along with any comments you have, and your general location, if you provide it. (although if you make comments that are not very nice we might not post them) Email your photos to matt@AmericanGunDogs.com, or text them to (570) 634-5787. We randomly award prizes, such as $50 Cabela's gift cards, to people who send in pictures.

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Seen in Fort St. John BC Canada! - Darren

Hi I'm Jennifer I seen the limo while I was working at the petro canada truck stop in Fort St. John, BC while it was filling up at 1:50am

Hey Matt! Spotted the limo on the highway at Fox Creek Alberta! This was filling up in Valley View. Had no clue what the limo was for! So we searched it, caught up to them in Valley View!

We're a newly married couple and were wondering why we didn't have a camo limo for our big day!?!? Spotted in St. Cloud, MN

Hey I'm Jon Mace from PA and I saw your limo across the street from Hummel's Wharf Fire Company I run at in Shamokin Dam, PA I love the limo and if you look close there's a rabbit under the n in American

There it is shivering in the snow.  I looked up your website and read your blog you are smart to be in Florida.  According to the ground hog you should plan to stay another 6 weeks.  Allen

When I left my room at the Main Street Motel in Tok, AK. this morning at 8AM, there was the limo parked near my truck.  I had to get a photo, quite an unusual sight.
I was working down the Tok cutoff and was returning toward Tok around 11AM and there was the Limo again, driving toward Glennallen.
When I got to Fairbanks I looked up your website, so here is your photo!  Welcome to Alaska.

Seen in Fort Nelson (Canada) in the evening of April 28th. We stopped by to see if he needed assistance. He was checking his trailer wheel bearings. His trailer tires were wearing unevenly. I later posted this picture on Facebook.

4/28/2014 Taken from our hotel room at the Days Inn in Grande Prairie Alberta. We texted this picture to our daughters in Fort St John BC and one of them told us what it was about. We were surprised when we saw the lovely young family that had breakfast in the eating area with us load up and drive away in it. God bless you all.

4/26/2014 We just drove by your limo in Chamberlain,Sk  (Canada) on our way to Saskatoon.  I've never seen a camouflage limp before.....LOL.   Very cool!  I looked up your website as I'm a bird hunter too so was curious.Welcome to Saskatchewan and God Bless! Travis P

Bob Evans parking lot Fremont Ohio today April 24 2014 Katy H

Hi!  We looked up your site after seeing the limo yesterday while traveling outside Harrisburg, Pa.  My husband recommends a clear coat over the camouflage.  It will make it last longer.  Sorry no pictures…no camera available and we don't use cell phones for more than phones. Joshua & Carla

If you guys are missing your limo I saw it headed Eastbound on I-40 near Edgewood, New Mexico at about 1600 hrs on 11 Apr 14.  Just thought I should let you know:)  I thought it was cool so I looked you guys up. Christopher M

Independence, MO!!



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