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How to advertise with us

There are several ways you can advertise with us.

1. The first and most obvious way is to advertise your puppies with us.  To get your puppies on AmericanGunDogs.com, you must first create a listing or listings on LancasterPuppies.com. Click here to go to the ad creation page on LancasterPuppies.com. AmericanGunDogs.com automatically carries over the hunting breeds, your listing will be displayed on LancasterPuppies.com and AmericanGunDogs.com. If you are not sure if your dog is classified as a hunting breed or not, email matt@AmericanGunDogs.com to find out.

2. Trade links with us. If you have a website or sporting goods store, we will link to you if  you either link back, or put one of our posters in your store.

3. Purchase a banner ad. We have various size banner ads that you can purchase and we will display on AmericanGunDogs.com. A 200 x 600 banner ad on the right hand side of our website is $100 a month. A smaller ad, like the Ducks Unlimited ad, is $50 a month. Email matt@AmericanGunDogs.com to get started.





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