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Bag something worth "bragging" about? Email a picture of it to Matt@AmericanGunDogs.com and we'll post it here. All game must have been legally taken, and pictures must respect the animal. Other than that, we'll post anything from trout to elephants!

170 pound wild hog taken in Leon County, Texas

Taken by Marlene Snader with a 30-30.

290 Pound hog with 3" cutters

Taken with a .300 Winchester Magnum in Leon County, Texas.

Note: Big hogs look cool, but don't taste nearly as good as the smaller ones!


Wild Hog

Taken by Shane Snader, age 8, with a .22 hornet in Leon County, Texas. (under close adult supervision)

Carp & Catfish by bow

Taken by bow on the Susquehanna River, July 2012. Paul Weaver from Beavertown Guns & Grocery www.GunsandGroceries.com



This nice Coyote was taken by Elmer Weaver, of Fivepointville, PA.

Nice 10 point buck

10 point, 230 pounds field dressed.

Taken in 2011 PA Rifle Season, in Fivepointville, PA, by Elmer Weaver.


Grey Squirrel

Gage Weaver holding a squirrel taken by his father, Elmer Weaver, near Fivepointville, PA.  Looks like a budding hunter!


Our Irish Setter "Mindy"

This is a picture of our Irish Setter "Mindy", and our daughter. We got her from a breeder near Selinsgrove, Pa.  To say she is a delight is a statement that does not convey all that she means to us! She is very energetic, this picture is a rare moment when she was not running.

Paul W from Middleburg, Pa.

Gar fish, caught with a rod and reel in Missouri

This Gar fish was hooked in Missouri, several years ago by Paul Weaver, of Beavertown Guns & Grocery. 


Black Bear, taken near Troxelville, PA

This black bear was taken by Paul Weaver in 2011 on state game lands near Troxelville, PA.

Carp taken with bow on Walker Lake, Snyder County, PA

This carp was taken by Paul Weaver, using a bow in Walker Lake, located in Snyder County Pa. Summer of 2011.

8 point buck taken near Faylor Lake, Snyder County, PA

Taken by Paul Weaver, of Beavertown, Pa.

Racoon hunt!

One evening, in 2008 or 2009, we all went out coon hunting and had a very good time. This was in Lancaster, PA.

8 Point Buck taken in Egypt Valley, Ohio

Shot by Trista Beachy, with a 12 gauge slug gun, 2012 hunting season in Egypt Valley, Ohio.

8 pound bass caught by Nate Jordon

8 pound bass caught by Nate Jordon


35 inch Blue Catfish, caught in Scurry, Texas

This huge cat fish was caught on a trot line. Fisherman in the picture are all brothers: Dwyane, Michael, Jeffrey and Adrian Erb.


Another passel of cat fish from the Erb's trot line, Scurry, Texas

The largest cat in this picture is 34 inches long. These were all caught on a trot line, they were able to get over 8 pounds of meat off these fish!

Fisherman in the picture are all brothers: Dwyane, Michael, Jeffrey and Adrian Erb.

Huge Iowa Buck

This huge buck was taken just this past month by Jeremy Nolt, former Lancaster County, Pa resident.  Taken with a Muzzleloader.

2 Buck in 24 hours

Wed 10/16/2013 i shot a 6 point buck in del at about 6:30pm with the muzzleloader and then this morning maryland muzzle loader opened and i shot a 8 point buck , this evening i went in del and i shot a 7 point buck with a 16 inch spread which makes trophy class . feeling blessed and pumped, praising God for the success, a great 24 hours -Nelson Martin

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