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Van gets outragous comment from someone demonstrating poor judgement skills

This morning I ran "ol blue" down to Homer to return a post pounder I rented. As usual, the van performed flawlessly. Normally I drive the van around and get no comments. But today, while going through the McDonald's drive through in Homer, the attendant said "I like the way you mounted your front license plate". I told him it was "my own custom design". (the plate is bolted to the hood with self tapping screws)

On the way back to Anchor Point I noticed a yard sale that said "Yard Sale - Man Stuff". Imagining all kinds of cool things, I stopped in. No firearms, four wheelers or heavy equipment. They did have a "weed eater' but it looked rather old for it's $75 price tag. As I was surveying the goods, a fellow covered in tattoos walked over, introduced himself, and started chatting. "You must be a local" he said. I wondered how he reached that conclusion. Then he said "That van looks like something a serial killer would drive".

What? My 30 year old faded, baby blue van with rust accents. Plain enough for the Pope to drive around in. I decided that Penn State sticker had to go. But then this fellow mentioned this was in fact a moving sale, and he was moving back to the lower 48. Ah, that explained his outragous comments. No offence taken.


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