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Somehow I find myself owning 2 boats

Hello everyone, sorry it's been awhile. Things have been busy up here, and my brother had the audacity to get married-in Indiana of all places (Obviously Alaska would be a better place for that). We did go fishing quite a bit, and all these things took a toll on my spare time. So I will attempt to summarize these chain of events.

The Suburban rides again, only to be almost doomed by braying woman

Readers will be encouraged and delighted to hear that our vintange 1988 Suburban is now running again. Derik and Ryan, the fine fellows that drove the limo up here, decided to take it upon themselves to fix it. And so they did. The same day we got the bugs ironed out, we threw our lunch baskets in it and headed for the beach (the beach is only a few miles from our house). There are few things more fun than driving vehicles or atvs on the beach. For one reason, if you get stuck at low tide or the vehicle breaks down, the tide will flood the vehicle and wash it away.

.454 drawn in first DLP (Defence of life and property) incident

Recently we have starting have trouble with chicken parts getting scattered outside the coop. Since the wolf incident, chickens and guineas have been vanishing at an alarming rate. Predators have been spreading the word about a new buffet in town. Animals have also been helping themselves to the chicken and guinea feed. Determined to stem the flood of losses, I kept a loaded .454 in my pocket.

The limo returns to Alaska

Yesterday the limo left Snyder County, PA, to return to the greener pastures of the Northland. A fellow named Derek, and his brother, agreed to drive it up here. Hoping that the limo has no unscheduled stops, ie breakdowns.

It will be nice to have the limo back in town! Below is our first reported "limo sighting" on the return trip. I'm not sure how that black rim got on the car.

"We're a newly married couple and were wondering why we didn't have a camo limo for our big day!?!? Spotted in St. Cloud, MN"

Then came the wolves...

Something happened the other day that made me feel like a true Alaskan. You see, I can just imagine this scene being played out: A grizzled true blue Alaskan type, wearing a worn leather cowboy hat, carrying his lever action .454 walks into the local cafe and sits down, and orders some expresso, extra strong. "Good morning" another Alaskan type calls across the room, "How are you doing this fine morning"? The first Alaskan type responds, "Wolves got into the guineas last night, ran off before I could get a shot out the door".

Van gets outragous comment from someone demonstrating poor judgement skills

This morning I ran "ol blue" down to Homer to return a post pounder I rented. As usual, the van performed flawlessly. Normally I drive the van around and get no comments. But today, while going through the McDonald's drive through in Homer, the attendant said "I like the way you mounted your front license plate". I told him it was "my own custom design". (the plate is bolted to the hood with self tapping screws)

Still working at the authentic Alaskan look

There is one Alaskan style feat that is still alluding me: growing a beard. No, not because I don't have facial hair. It goes deeper than that. After about 2 weeks of not shaving, I can't stop scratching my chin. The itch is terrible. And to then I get the sensation of hair moving on my face, which I find annoying. To simulate this, you could glue a dead squirrel and some insulation on your face.

The land flowing with water

The cries and shouts of "water, need more water!" have fallen silent. Not because of a situation like Pompeii either. It is because we now have plenty of water. I used to think my teachers in school were a bit daft because they warned "don't waste water". I figured they must have not been familiar with the water cycle, and instead thought the drains emptied into outer space or something. However I realize now these teachers much have hauled water in younger years, because I now tell my children the same thing.

Electric grid thoughts, P.A.D. vs A.A.D.

Two topics of discussion for this blog post: Electric and mental disorders. First, I get slightly annoyed when I tell people I "live off the grid" and I am met with loud exclamations like I'm a living martyer in a tent somewhere. Not that being a martyer is bad, but living without "the grid" certainly doesn't make you one. After all the loud exclamations, I tell people "well I do have solar panels". Then they seem to think this provides enough electric to run a laptop for an hour a month, or perhaps maybe even enough to run a dim lightbulb for a few minutes every evening.

Matt abandons long held principles, buys V-10 powered vehicle

For nearly as long as I can remember, I always wanted a vehicle with a V-10. Granted, I could put up with a supercharged V-8 if I had to, but a V-10 would be the ultimate, or so I thought. Stranger still, I purchased the V-10 by accident.

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